The Best Way to Learn for Me

Finding the way you learn or study best is really important. For me, I love learning with music, a timer, and with a plan. The reason why I study with music is that it helps with my focus. Working on a timer or a plan helps me retain most of my learning and spacing out my learning. Spacing out would make sure that I don’t really get bored when I work. Therefore, those are the best way n which I work.

What I like Best About Technology

Many people would probably say that they like technology because it makes life easier. For me, I love how technology is so wildly spread around the world and how it changes so fast over the years. Just look at companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung, every year they are able to come up it a product that has a substantial growth compared to the previous year. Whenever I think of the future I just automatically have a prediction that has to do with technology. Who knows many in the near future there will be self-typing computers.



Something that helps you do another thing, that is technology. Technology does not always mean something electronic. The meaning of technology is something that helps in the process of another.

To me everything is technology. Technology has influenced all of our lives on daily basis. It is everything simple to complex, From a nail to a computer. I use technology every day, to be honest now its the way of life.

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My favorite team is Arsenal. It is because it was the first game in real life I have ever been to. Plus I got a sign jersey from one of there players. Later on my dads job sponsors then and my whole family loves them.